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INDEX SBITOP on Jun 22. 2018 at 15:00
Value Change in %
886.75 -0.65%

PRIME MARKET SHARES on Jun 22. 2018 at 15:30
Symbol Value
Change in %
GRVG 11.2000 -2.61%
IEKG 2.4800 3.33%
KRKG 58.4000 -0.34%
LKPG 30.8000 -0.65%
MELR 27.6000 -1.43%
PETG 347.0000 -0.29%
POSR 17.6000 -2.22%
TLSG 91.6000 0.66%
ZVTG 31.2000 -0.64%

TOP 3 GAINERS / DECLINERS on Jun 22. 2018 at 15:30
Symbol Value
Change in %
IEKG 2.4800 3.33%
DATG 2.8200 0.71%
TLSG 91.6000 0.66%
KDHR 43.0000 -6.52%
UKIG 18.0000 -2.70%
GRVG 11.2000 -2.61%