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To be listed on any LJSE market, securities must meet the following general conditions:

  • company's legal status
    - the company’s incorporation and legal status comply with the regulations of the country of its registered office
  • publication of the prospectus and other information
    - obligatory publication of the prospectus, pursuant to the Slovene Markets in Financial Instruments Act (ZTFI), and obtaining the decision approving the prospectus as issued by the Agency
    - in case of an exemption from publication of the prospectus pursuant to the ZTFI, a signed statement on making use of the exemption from publication of the prospectus
  • securities are freely transferrable
  • issuance of securities and trade settlement in these securities
    - the issued securities are valid and the conditions for a reliable settlement of trades in these securities are met
Select your market:
  • Prime market

Prime Market is a prestigious market intended for larger established companies renown for their liquidity and transparency of operations. It was established to underline the visibility of Slovenia's top listed companies among international investors. The listing of a company on the Prime Market indicates – to the domestic as well as international investment community – the company's quality and makes it directly comparable to the best companies from its industry.

Prime Market companies meet additional disclosure standards:
- reporting under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS),
- publication of quarterly statements,
- publication of declaration of compliance with the Corporate Governance Code,
- reporting in English, thereby raising their international visibility, and
- compliance with the Exchange’s Guidelines on Disclosure.

Compared to securities listed on other markets, Prime Market shares are increasingly liquid, since they comply with most stringent liquidity criteria. This is evident from their increased trading volumes, large numbers of trades, improved market depth and thus lower hidden transaction costs that burden investors.

The Ljubljana Stock Exchange offers its Prime Market companies roadshow services, presenting them to the international investment community, and provides support in the areas of disclosure and corporate governance to make their operations compliant with the most stringent reporting standards.

Criteria for Prime Market listing

Quantitative criteria
Years of operation 3
Financial statements Audited annual reports for 3 financial years
Minimum value of capital EUR 10 mio
Dispersion of class of shares in public* min. 25 %
Class of shares Ordinary shares giving holders only one vote each

Disclosure criteria
Company’s commitment to disclose information and report in compliance with IFRS
Company’s commitment to publish the summaries of its announcements also in English
Company’s commitment to publish interim statements
Company’s commitment to publish declarations of compliance with the Corporate Governance Code and the financial calendar
Company’s commitment to strive to the best of its abilities to meet the best practices of disclosure, as stipulated by the Guidelines

*If the percentage of the class of shares in public hands is not 25 %, this condition is considered fulfilled if at least 10 % of the class of shares are in public hands and the size of shares in public hands is min. EUR 25 mio.

  • Standard Market

Entry Market lists companies:
- from the semi-official market, which acceded to the new Exchange Rules, or
- listing for the first time, which meet the basic criteria for stock exchange market listing but not those for entering higher market segments.

The Ljubljana Stock Exchange offers its Entry Market companies the basic services to support compliance with the conditions for regulated market listing.

Entry Market companies meet the disclosure standards pursuant to the Slovene legislation. There are no other special criteria conditioning Entry Market listing.

Securities other than shares
  • bonds,
  • open-end funds,
  • close-end funds,
  • structured products (investment certificates, warrants, freely transferrable rights upon increases of share capital, and other structured instruments).

In listing securities other than shares, the general criteria for stock exchange listing apply. In case of open-end and close-end funds, there are also the additional criteria concerning the asset management company (DZU):

- approval for performing investment fund managing services,
- licence to manage investment funds,
- approval for the public release of the prospectus and the summary of the prospectus,
- consent to the open-end fund Rules of Management (open-end funds only).

Issuers of securities other than shares disclose information pursuant to the Slovene legislation. Fund managers have the additional obligation to report to the Exchange the values of their open-end fund NAV-per-unit and any changes related to the conditions for trading, as well as.


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